Web Design&Internet Marketing

【Web Design & Internet Marketing】

Digital Muse can create a web design that instantly captures the customer’s vision. We focus on the planning and visual design of the webpage, and from the customer's point of view, we act as a brand marketing consultant to help customers achieve the highest efficiency in e-commerce, search engine optimization, keyword marketing, social marketing, etc. Create corporate profits.

Advertising image design

【Advertising image design】

Digitally create moments, We believes that “visual” is the most beautiful way of presenting communication. Based on customer needs, combined with creative ideas such as symbols, pictures and texts, it produces new image suitable for owners and market demand.

Public relations activity Planning

【Public relations activity Planning】

PR is an analysis of people and persistence in things. We assists clients in gaining insight into market contours, inventorying available resources, setting budgets to maximize effectiveness, and maintaining brand activity and cumulative visibility before public relations activities are implemented. Digital Muse is definitely your best A plan!

【System Development and Maintenance】

【System Development and Maintenance】

Digital Muse has a professional team with many years of program development experience, assisting customers to build a mall platform, conference registration system, submission and reviewsystem, and listen carefully to customers, develop customized system services, and go hand in hand with the enterprise to serve the crowd.

On the other hand, Digital Muse provides Virtual Hosting service, which will make the company's homepage or e-mail address more convenient for people with faster high-speed Internet bandwidth. Connect to the customer's corporate website and get to know the company's products and services.

Renting the hard disk space in the Digital Muse Web Host does not require a lot of cost, and gives high-tech maintenance work to the professional team.Digital Muse is your professional backing, giving you more time to focus on your career development.

【Government project counseling】

【Government project counseling】

Digital Muse has years of experience in system integration and project counseling, assisting government agencies in large-scale projects, expanding the scope of services to the whole country, highlighting the ability to control and complete large-scale project planning, including prior planning, vendor linkage and customer communication and coordination. , management system construction and education counseling.

【Logistics services】

【Logistics services】

Digital Muse offers a range of shipping options to cost-effectively implement your customer service level agreements. Options include one-hour, two-hour, four-hour, six-hour, and eight-hour dispatchers, as well as next flight out services and an extensive next-day shipping option. Digital Muse offers the highest quality in the after-sales service.